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There have been many books written on the subject of our children’s hearts. Confession Time:

I haven’t read any of them.

When we were raising our older children, none of these were written. In the subsequent years, I was often too busy raising my children to read books about doing it. I’m not saying it is bad at all to do that. It’s just not something I was able to do.

But I love hearing stories. Stories from women who have lived through it, who have seen their children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren walking in faith, surrendered to the will of God in their lives.

Many years ago, I had a godly woman in my life. For one year she came alongside of me, hung out with me for 5-6 hours every week and watched my life. I told her my life was an open book to her – she could correct anything she saw in my life that didn’t fall in line with the Word or the heart of the Father: as a wife, a mother, a believer, anything.

It was one of the best years of my life!

Best of all were the stories she told me. The ways she and her husband worked to woo the hearts of their children.

  • they prayed over their children every night…even into the teen years
  • they shared the spiritual heritage their children had, the stories of God’s faithfulness and supernatural intervention in their lives and for generations past
  • they talked and talked to their children and they listened and listened as well
  • they had no TV but played together in the evenings
  • they debriefed every day after school to scrutinize what they were learning in light of the scriptures
  • they opened their home to their children’s friends and made their home a haven of love and peace
  • they worked to bring home the reality that there was nothing the world could offer that God couldn’t outdo in terms of fun and freedom and joy
  • they prayed together as a family every day, even if only for 5 minutes

By the time I knew this godly woman (age 72), her 4 children were grown and married and all running with the Lord. There were many times in her life where she struggled but she found strength and hope in God. I tried to implement her wisdom into my parenting. I tried to draw my children’s hearts and help point them back to Jesus.

What are the things you’ve learned from older godly women? What stories have encouraged your hearts in raising your children? What has been successful for you in wooing your children’s hearts as you show them the way to Jesus?

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