Nip, nip, nip… can trials be blessings is disguise?

broken cars can be a blessing in disguise!

Van getting fixed, more cars breaking, bikes stolen, tight budget, new jobs for children, trips to the airport, driving in heavy fog, lack of sleep… sometimes life is just like that!

In times of stress and small trials, I’ve found it easy to let the frustration rise. More so than when big struggles come. It’s those little foxes that nip at the vines that cause the most damage. It is during these times of small irritations and inconveniences that we need to cling to the Lord and CHOOSE to walk in joy!


I’m afraid not! I fail more often than I care to admit (the second bike theft was one such time where I allowed myself to wallow in frustration).


You bet your life! When we learn to walk CONTINUALLY in the joy of the Lord, when we stop allowing the enemy to rob us of joy, we can rejoice in all circumstances. We can see the Lord’s hand on our lives and give thanks, even if from the world’s point of view it was kind of crummy. Since God is causing ALL things to work together for our good, it is actually an eternal blessing in disguise.

So, how are YOU choosing joy today?

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