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Have you ever noticed how stressed we all seem to be?

encouraging majesty

  • Caring for children
  • Care-givers for parents
  • Unemployment
  • Financial struggles
  • Medical problems
  • 2 year olds
  • 17 year olds

So many issues in life are rushing past us and we feel like failures in the middle of it all. We see every place where we blow it and have a hard time getting over things. We either give ourselves too much leeway and excuse our poor choices or we continually bash ourselves over the head believing the worst about our lives.

God calls us to a better way. We need to learn to see ourselves as Jesus sees us.

Remember His love for us is so great that He willingly died to set us free.

He redeems us.
He forgives us.
He delivers us.
He renews us.
He empowers us.
He lifts us from the miry clay.
He sets our feet on high places.
He gives us strength to bend a bow of bronze.
He is goes before us.
He is our rear guard.
He calls us beloved.
He transforms us to His own image.
He calls us beloved.
He gives us good & perfect gifts.
He called us from before the foundation of the world.
He gives to us sleep.
He knows what we are made of.
He gives us His Spirit.
He calls us friends.
He makes joint-heirs of grace.

Today, as you struggle to see yourself with hope, remember how HE sees you. Step into the power of your new creation. Let His power and might work out His sanctifying transformation in your life. Become who He is making you to be. Let His joy, the joy of your salvation, be your strength. Be encouraged in His love and receive the blessings He has ordained for you from eternity. You are His child!

How can YOU encourage others with the encouragement His showers on you?

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All Scripture quotations are taken from the NASB.
(image courtesy of Hats Off To You Photography)


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  1. Thank you for the precious words of reminder and the Link up too. I like the changes on your blog.
    Many Blessings to you

    • Thanks for coming by today, Ifeoma!!

  2. Thank you so much for hosting! Such a positive and inspiring party!

    • Well, Jennifer, I confess that I needed to be reminded of these things myself today! :D

  3. Amen!

    • Ain’t He good, Terri?! Thanks for stopping by my dear friend!!

  4. Love this reminder, Kate, that we need to strive to see ourselves the way He does! I think if we all did, the world would be a better place.

    This was very encouraging to me – thank you.

    May He continue to bless your cup to overflowing!


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