Winter Blahs – Do You Have Homeschool Burnout?

February, that dreary winter burnout month.

It’s mid-February. It’s cold, it’s dark, it’s often snowy. Do you feel trapped? Are you cross? Are your children cranky? Does the thought of schooling fill you with “Oh no, not again” thoughts? Are you experiencing homeschool burnout?

winter homeschool burnout
Everyone goes through burnout. Public school kids do, private school kids do and homeschool kids do. AND homeschool MOMS do! The question is, where do we go from here?

Some things we’ve done to get over the hump of February doldrums are:

  • take a winter break from school
  • take one day off a week until spring break and do something FUN on that day
  • take a break from the regular academics and do a 1 month unit on something FUN
  • let each child choose a study in an area they really want to do and let them do it independently while dropping 1 hard-core subject for 2 weeks
  • start a craft time
  • plan and begin preparations for a spring garden
  • get out the sleeping bags and let the children slide down the stairs
  • let them rollerblade in the living room
  • take 1/2 day a week for “early out” and set up a play date with friends
  • do service projects with shut-ins in  your church
  • do service projects within the community
  • take swimming lessons
  • if your church has a gym, take the bikes there and ride around for a morning
  • have Wii tournament as part of school
  • have a dance time each day
  • learn archery

I’m hoping this will spark your imagination! These days don’t have to be dull and dark and drab. We can use this as an opportunity to INTENTIONALLY add fun to our homeschool days! 5-10 days of dropping a subject won’t mess up our school. Taking some time to enjoy some fun will help to clear out those cobwebs from our brains that seem to suck the mental energy out of our children AND ourselves!

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