Where does my day go?

There are so many days when I look back over my time I wonder “where on earth has this day gone?” 

Where does our day go?

  • Sometimes my time is eaten up by driving children to activities.
  • Sometimes my time is eaten up by computer time.
  • Sometimes my time is eaten up by putting out fires and major character training (mine as well as children’s).
  • Sometimes my time is eaten up by laundry, that ever flowing force of nature that seems to always have limitless fountains.
  • Sometimes my time is eaten up by housework because with 8-9 people in our house all day long (with another 1 or 2 added later in the day) doing work and play, there is ALWAYS more to do.
  • Sometimes my time is eaten up by spending time with my husband because sometimes he just needs to talk.
  • Sometimes my time is eaten up by reading (I go in phases, I’ll read for several hours a day and then I’ll only read 2 minutes until I fall asleep – in those times it takes me 4 months to get through a Louis L’Amour western!!).
  • Sometimes my time is eaten up by scripture time, although I wish I had much more time to spend here.
  • Sometimes my time is eaten up by ministry to others, either on the phone or an impromptu (or planned) visit with a friend in need.
  • Sometimes my time is eaten up with errands.

So, when I look back at the list above I see that my time is eaten up by the priorities God has for me!

Which means the term “eaten up by” needs to be changed to “poured out for His Glory by”.  Now THAT puts a whole different perspective on things!  When I view my time as being eaten up, it is because I am holding onto it as if it belonged to ME.  But when I view my time as poured out for His Glory, it is because I’m seeing my life as belonging to God – and recognizing that if He wants to spend my time refolding the laundry that got folded and then knocked over by busy children, then that is up to HIM.  My job is to walk in joy and thankfulness that I can have my life poured out as a drink offering to please Him in all I do.

Thank you, Jesus, for the opportunity to love and serve and bless you in all I do.  Now, if only I can figure out how to do that all the time, I’d be OK! 

(images courtesy of Stuart Miles/freedigitalphotos.net)

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  1. I totally understand and have the same thoughts myself. Besides, the time didn't "go" anywhere; it was presented to you as a gift and an opportunity to bless the Lord.



  2. What a great reminder that as a mom the things that I do around the house aren't just the things that I have to get done before I can work for God, doing those things is working for God.

    Thanks Kate.

    Miss you.

  3. I needed that. 🙂

    Oh, and I'm adding you to my friends list.

  4. Really good things to think about. I once heard a teaching called "Time Bandits" about finding areas that take up our time that we could work on! This post made me re evaluate some areas in my own life. Thanks!


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