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Well, it’s time once again for my weekly link-up. I know that with summer months people are very busy. And it’s been a much busier summer for me than usual. But I will continue to host the link-up so long as I feel there is a desire for it. I’m always so blessed by reading your posts (as many as I am able), and I’m sure others are as well.

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  1. Yes, it has been a busy summer. In fact, my oldest son and I were talking about how it was going so fast and half of it was gone! When Fall comes I get much busier due to several ministries I am involved in (which are off for the summer). So I am enjoying having some time off! Thanks for hosting today.

    • Hey Nan! Our summers are different busy from our school years, that’s for sure! But if I don’t PLAN to plan, time just slips away from me. So this is a reminder more FOR ME than for my readers! 😀 Enjoy your less busy time these next weeks and thanks again for stopping by, my friend!

  2. Hey there, thank you for hosting. It is winter here and yes I agree summer is busier especially with regards to gardening. Have a great week. Blessings

    • Hi Terri, well, I guess you can re-read this post in 6 months! 😀 Thanks for coming by!

  3. Thank you so much for hosting. It has been a busy summer, but it’s a good busy for me. We love it 🙂
    Looking forward to reading some of the posts!

    • HI Bibi! Thanks for stopping by. I remember when all my children were little, there was really very little difference between summer and non-summer. We always had the same amount of busyness. But as they’ve all grown, the summers are way busier – but with different things like missions trips and longer work days. But it’s a sign that the family is growing and going on toward adulthood. Thanks for sharing and I hope you enjoy the posts!

  4. I haven’t been over in a while for your linkup though I often read your posts. You blog looks beautiful, crisp, and clean. Love it!! I hope you are having a wonderful summer, Kate!!

    • Hey Judith! Thanks for stopping by. I know how that goes… time seems to slip away and I don’t get the chance to visit even my favorite blogs and friends. I’m so glad you grabbed a moment to stop in. Thanks for the kind words on my redesign. I’m liking it too. The summer is going very well, albeit super fast. Gearing up (slowly) for another school year. Enjoying your photos of your summer on FB. Hugs, Kate


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