Victory in Jesus – how can this change your life?

Victory in Jesus.

I’ve been meditating lately on the things that derail us from walking victoriously with Jesus.

victory in Jesus

  • fear
    • of loss
    • of loneliness
    • of failure
    • of rejection
    • of surrender
  • guilt
    • because of our actual sin
    • because of who we believe we are
    • because of who others say we are
  • anger
    • we’d like to think is righteous but seldom is
  • deception
    • not recognizing the fullness of the gospel
    • not recognizing the power of the cross
    • not recognizing the redemption of salvation
    • not recognizing the transcendence of Jesus

Are you living in fullness of joy today? Has your countenance been glowing with the transforming power of the Spirit? Do people just want to bask in your presence because they sense the presence of God all over you?

Are you even longing for these things?

Then beloved, I’m here to tell you that God has the gift of liberty that He desires to shower down on you. I’m not talking about things or stuff. I don’t think the prosperity of the gospel has anything to do with temporal things of this world, although He does promise to meet our needs.

I mean that the gospel promises to liberate us from the dominion of earthly thinking, to lift our hearts into the heavenly places. God calls us to live lives filled with hope, filled with healing, filled with wholeness. This wholeness comes from our new creation, from our being born again, to be raised up spiritual beings, filled with the very Spirit of God!

I am calling you to meditate today on who you are in Jesus.

Don’t let the cares of this world pull your eyes downward. We all have struggles and trials. But beloved, this world is really NOT our home. More and more each day I’m coming to a deeper awareness of what it means to live as a stranger in a strange land. I look at those around me as people trapped in a prison of their own making – with the powers of hell as the guards doing everything they can to keep the cell doors locked.

Unfortunately, I also see saints trapped by deception. Saints unable to walk in victory in Jesus. We all are in the process of sanctification; of being transformed into the image of the Son. It is a daily walk into a deeper fullness of this salvation. But every time I look into the Word, I see riches of truths I’ve missed before. I see verses that it seems God put there afresh just for me that day! Truths that smash the lies holding me in chains. Every day God sets me free just a little bit more.

And my spirit soars in hope of this victory, this victory in Jesus alone!

Today, look at your life. What things are keeping you from walking in victory in Jesus? What lies have you been holding on to? What truths are you desperate to grasp yet fearful to reach for?

Today, remember who you are in Christ. Look to the Word for release from the bonds of deception. Look to the heart of God, our loving Father who draws us – woos us into a deeper love relationship. Look to the deliverance of Jesus, the One who destroyed death as He was raised up in victory. Look to the power of the Spirit, who fills us with truth and knowledge and wisdom so that we may walk in greater awareness of our place in the body of Christ!

Beloved, live in victory in Jesus today!

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  1. This is a bit of sunshine on a Monday where, rain, rain, rain is the forecast — the rain is uprooting trees, and causing flooding, and accidents. Thank you!

    • Can I say that *I* was encouraged as I reminded MYSELF of these things??? 😉 😀

  2. Serious encouragement Smith,God bless you

    • Amen!

  3. So well- spoken! ( Or, rather, written ?). We are not called to a life of defeat, but to one of victory! Thank you for sharing your spiritual insights, my kindred spirit friend!♥️

    • Thanks, sweetie!! Don’t we ALL need reminders of the victory Jesus bought for us!?!


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