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Dear Friends,

Today’s post is a bit of urgent security information instead of a menu.

We are all online. We bank online, we chat online, we email, we text, our social media is all connected, we do quizzes and surveys online. And all our information is available online.

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And it’s available to anyone who wants to purchase it and hack our accounts and our identities.

I am NOT into fear-mongering. I think that we cannot allow all the What Ifs to rob our joy and dictate our lives. BUT I also know that we are to walk in wisdom, understanding the ways of the enemy and shore up weak areas – both spiritually and physically.

We lock the doors of our homes and our cars. We put our children in car seats and wear seat belts. Sometimes we do it because it is the law, but mostly we do it because it is wise safety procedures. But we are not so cautious or wise in securing our cyber safety.

In fact, most of us are ignorant of the cyber hacking that is going on around us.

Today I am going to encourage each and every one of you to listen to a few podcasts. I’ll be posting a link to the first one and then encouraging you to follow to iTunes for the next. This is a series of podcasts (and please do not share these on social media to avoid alerting the cybercriminals) done by ChaleneJohnson after her Twitter and Instagram accounts were hacked last weekend.

Chalene explains what happened to her, how speedily things deteriorated, how impotent she felt and how she began to regain control over her social media, email and computer. In the second podcast, she has a guest who is a former DEA special agent who has helped her work through what to do and how to make things harder for hackers.

We can never be fully protected. But we can take a number of steps (bit by bit) to set up protections that will make things harder for hackers and, hopefully, they’ll move away from trying to pursue our accounts.

Please go to Chalene’s first podcast and listen. Each one is around 30 minutes. There will be more than 2 because there are steps we will need to follow to get things set up, and Chalene didn’t want to inundate us with too much to do at one time. Be sure and keep following her podcasts and  PLEASE follow each step to help protect yourself and your family from easy cyber hacking.

Just as we lock the doors and don’t leave the keys in our cars, we also need to take precautions against cybercriminals with our online data. Don’t keep those cyber doors open for attacks!

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