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Adore Your Wardrobe 14 Day FREE Challenge.

the challenges

The signup time is NOW. The Challenge begins this week on March 3, so signup time is here. Remember, this is a FREE challenge to help you get a handle on your closet, to take you From Frustration to Functional. So go right now to this (affiliate) link and sign up today. Kelly will be sending you worksheets, videos and lots more to have a great time learning about your closet and how to make it really function for you. And it will end just in time to sign up for her FABULOUS Adore Your Wardrobe Course 1. I have taken both of her courses and absolutely loved them both!

Be sure and follow the link to signup for this brand new and FREE Challenge. You’re gonna love it!

T-Tapp Challenge going strong – beginning Day 13.

Today I begin Day 13 in my 60 Day T-Tapp Challenge. I confess that I missed 1 day of T-Tapping. Every other day I’ve done a Basic or MORE workout and I’ve been adding Step Away The Inches when I have time. This coming week, it will be a SATI workout every day along with another workout. Even still, I am doing this exercising in less than an hour a day.

Have I seen results yet? Nope. But my focus – in all of this push toward my birthday – is on better health and fitness; not on weight loss. Let’s face it, weight loss is GREAT! Especially if you have struggled with being overweight for 24 years, as I have. But I really do want this next decade of my life to be one of really good health and fitness.

  • I want to be able to hang out with my husband and do fun things without being stressed or injured.
  • I want to be able to have the stamina for fun adventures with my children (and maybe even grandchildren in the decade ahead).
  • I want to be able to serve and minister wherever God leads me, with strength and vigor.

These health goals are seeing some fulfillment in my life already. I’m looking forward to seeing what the next 48 days will bring.

Trim Healthy Mama – 100% on plan.

These next 48 days are focused on T-Tapping every day, but also in being 100% on plan for THM. My weight (and health) seems to have stalled since September 18. But I am undaunted in my quest for better health. As I work toward strong adrenal and immune health, I continue to press toward making sure I’m getting dark greens daily (I really REALLY dislike salads of any kind, but am making the next 48 days a Salad A Day push in my menu), increase lean proteins and making sure I have 1 fuel pull meal a day.

I have found that it is way too easy to slip into S meals (high fat and satisfying) and neglect the E (high carb and energizing) and especially the FP (no/low carb and no/low fat fuel pulls). So, I am really focusing more on adding those types of meals into my daily diet.

Even though there are only 48 days to the T-Tapp Challenge remaining, there are still 59 day to my birthday. Please pray that I can stay focused, determined and walking in the power of the Spirit to step into His Victory! And regardless of the physical outcomes I can see, that my heart will soar with JOY in the blessings and grace of my Loving Lord!!

Please join me in prayer!

My Menu

60-days to 60-years FOR EXCELLENCE! The journey continues as I begin Day 13 today.

Here’s my menu for the week, plus please feel free to download my FREE, fully editable, Month at a Glance menu planner, my Weekly Menu Planner and my new Snacks planner.


  • breakfast: 000 yogurt, apple, 1/2 sprouted English muffin (E)
  • lunch: 3 slices deli turkey, 2 slices deli ham, salad, S dressing (S)
  • supper: broiled fish, broccoli (FP)
  • snack: fat stripping frappa (FP)


  • breakfast: chocolate monkey crepes (E)
  • lunch: deep S style salad w/chicken breast (S cookbook pg 189)
  • supper: cheeseburger pie (S)
  • snack: peanut power pudding (FP)


  • breakfast: eggs & hash w/spinach (S)
  • lunch: fat stripping frappa (FP)
  • supper: broiled fish, roasted sweet potato (E)
  • snack: 000 yogurt, 1 square 85% chocolate


  • breakfast: mozzarella & turkey toast (E)
  • lunch: cheeseburger, salad (S)
  • supper: creamless creamy chicken (FP cookbook pg 78)
  • snack: baby choco chip frappa (FP)


  • breakfast: omlette w/ham, peppers & onions (S)
  • lunch: 000 yogurt, orange slices, cucumber on sprouted toast (E)
  • supper: chicken fajitas on low carb tortilla, salad (S)
  • snack: peanut power pudding (FP)


  • breakfast: oatmeal (E)
  • lunch: leftover fajitas (S)
  • supper: pizza on lavash bread & salad (S)
  • snack: fat stripping frappa (FP)


  • breakfast: Trim Healthy Pancakes (E cookbook p 259)
  • lunch: deep S salad w/deli meat (S)
  • supper: 000 yogurt, apple, roasted sweet potato (E)
  • snack: fat stripping frappa (FP)
All Scripture quotations are taken from the NASB.
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