Ultimate Blogging Challenge begins

I wasn’t going to join this July challenge but decided to give it a try. The goal, to write 31 blog posts in the month of July. So, here is day #1 and my first blog post.

My favorite thing this week was…

Kevin’s brother Andrew stopped by for a visit on his way out west. It is always a joy to visit with Andy, and we see him infrequently so we savor these times whenever we get them. It was short but we will get to see him in a month on his way back home.

And Elizabeth came home from her missions trip. It was so good to have her home again after being gone for a week. She had a wonderful time; it was exhausting for her – she was planning to work with children but Plan B had her working with the construction crew. She did get to spend an afternoon with children and some time at the beach (her photos were just gorgeous!). But God really encouraged her in some things she had been praying about before she left — it was a good time for her.

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  1. Go glad to see a familiar face in the Ultimate Blog Challenge. You know I’ll be checking in on you! Hope you have a nice holiday weekend.

    • Hey Tia! It was YOUR inspiration the pushed me to join, I wasn’t going to and saw you had…at least I knew ONE friend who’d be there!

      Have a WONDERFUL holiday week-end!

  2. I thought summer would be less busy and therefore more blog writing time and so far i have had less time to post on anything! stopping by from the HMJ. been by before and always enjoy your blog. blessings to you!

    • Katie, thanks for stopping by. WHY do we think summers will be less busy??? 😀 I fall into that same syndrome myself.


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