Tired with no thoughts of my own…

There are some times when I have really neat insights, but then there are times like right now. I’m tired, not sleeping well, barely getting through my days and struggling to keep the house in order.

But I know that God has seasons for us all and “this too shall pass”. I’m not afraid or stressed over these not so productive times. It is a major blessing to me that my husband understands and gives me latitude without being judgmental. I know that God loves me and is working on my sanctification. I also know that this is not a place that I stay at. This is a place I am passing through. I continue to do what I can and work very hard to not feel guilty but to walk in the joy of the Lord. I choose to look at the bigger things: my children love the Lord and seek to walk faithfully with Him, my husband and I love each another very much, we have food to eat and clothes to wear and a roof over our heads.

If my garden isn’t ready for planting yet, if the flat tire on the car hasn’t been fixed yet, if the lawn mower still doesn’t work yet, if the laundry isn’t caught up yet, if the dishes are not completely done yet – all of these things are temporal and continue through my life in various stages of flux. They do NOT define me. Jesus does.

So, I look with hope and joy to the author and perfector of my faith and trust that He WILL bring sleep to this aging body so that I can once again have the energy and mental capacity to minister to my family in all areas with joy and abandon. In the meantime, I think I’ll go take a nap and ENJOY the fact that “He gives to His beloved sleep”!!

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