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I’ve been there: up at 1 am, 2:30 am and returning to sleep at 4 only to be up again at 6!

The exhaustion we feel as new moms can be overwhelming! You are up with a crying baby and find yourself crying right along. You feel lost, alone and like you are doing EVERYTHING WRONG! I’m here to tell you – You are NOT alone!

New Mom Tip #1  swaddling

Every other mom in the world has been there. Oh there might be some moms who tell you their baby slept 12 hours a night straight from the hospital, but this is few and far between. I had 8 babies and every one was different. I wish there was a Magic Formula of how to get a crying baby to stop crying and go to sleep (if I knew it, I’d be a millionaire right now and I am most definitely not!) But there are some tips that might help your baby. I’d like to share one tip a week for this year to help new moms get through this very rough phase of life. If you have any great tips that helped in your own parenting, please email me and let me know and I will try and feature it in a blog post!


This is something our grandmothers and great-grandmothers did but it fell out of fashion and was a forgotten or poo-poohed idea for manyΒ  years but has been renewed recently. Even Jesus was wrapped in swaddling clothes! I swaddled 6 of my 8 babies and the swaddled babies all slept more peacefully than their non-swaddled siblings. Could it just be the children who would have slept better anyway? ABSOLUTELY! But infants who are left to thrash around become more distressed.

Think about it. They’ve been in the most squashed contained position for months! They emerge and all of a sudden all of their limbs are flailing. Everything is kicking and free. Those of us who are claustrophobic think this freedom is great – but I have seen my newborns go from contented to severely stressed when their limbs are set free. Now I realize they need to learn and grow strong, but there is a time and a place for freedom. Bedtime is not it.

There is a right way and a wrong way to swaddle. You want to make them snug but not tight. You want to make sure their heads and necks are exposed and never covered. I am linking to video on how to swaddle and they give several different safe ways to try.

DidΒ  you swaddle your newborns? What are your experiences?

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