It has been a long time since I’ve put off Mary and put on Martha…and my house shows it! So today, I’m taking a long look at the house and coming up with a game plan to get things in order for the holidays.

putting on martha

I have loved using Organized Christmas in the past and, since I’ve no desire to reinvent the wheel, I’ll be using much of it again.

This is Me & Mine Week — the focus is on the Master Bedroom as I Put On Martha!

Ours always seems to become a catch-all for whatever I can’t find room for. While I focus on decluttering (our closet is outrageous — mostly because it is so tiny and crammed with all the stuff I have no idea where to put), I wish I could actually decorate. Since there is no $$ for that, I’m going to pray and see what creative juices the Lord sends my way!

I am normally NOT a pack rat (I leave that to the rest of my family), BUT I do hate to toss clothing – only mine. I think part of it comes from that fact that I won’t shop unless at gun point (or wedding point) or when kidnapped by my sisters! And so, if I toss clothes that no longer fit, I’ll find that there my wardrobe consists of:

  • 1 everyday dress — I have LITERALLY worn the same dress around the house almost every day for the past 2 years
  • 3 skirts (one I don’t feel comfortable in, and seldom wear, in as it is knee length, and one of the other 2 is falling apart as I’ve worn it for 6 years now)
  • 4 summer tops (3 of which are too snug right now and I won’t wear)
  • 3 winter tops (2 of which I’ve had for over 12 years and the other is too snug)
  • 2 summer Sunday dresses (although nothing for winter, so I wear one of my 2 everyday skirts I’m comfortable in and one of my 2 everyday tops)
  • 1 mother of the bride dress that is too fancy and I won’t wear again for years and years

So, this week I’m going to be BRUTAL in the decluttering of my closet and my dresser. Maybe once I get the clutter gone, I can begin to see ways I can decorate to make this a haven for Kevin and I. So, here I go! Cheer me on, gals, and send your insight and ideas to me in the comments!

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