Thoughts from Proverbs: Prov 4:23

Photo ©2006 Derek Ramsey, via Wikimedia Commons

This summer we have been studying Proverbs 1-10 in our SS class and it is always so rich. This week, in particular, I was struck by:

Watch over your heart with all diligence,
For from it flow the springs of life.

This verse really shows the true meaning of heart in the bible. The innermost focus of our lives. Not just our emotions, but the TRUTH of who we are and what we hold dear and precious.

We can never put on an outside appearance that is different from our innermost attitude – not for long. If our heart is right, our lives will naturally fall in line. But when our lives begin to show signs of fraying about the edges, it is a clear sign that we need to sit down with the Lord and ask the Spirit to examine our hearts to show us where we are “off” in our surrender to God.

My husband shared an example from Gordon McDonald’s writing. He told a story about sink holes in FL. A man was driving on the road and the road under him just fell…30 feet into a sink hole. Everyone said “Well, THAT came out of nowhere.” But, in reality, it didn’t.

The foundation had been being eaten away bit by bit.

Unseen and unknown to all those around.
Until one day, there was nothing to support the face that was visible to the world and it collapsed.

That is a very frightening image to me! One that made me come home and go to my knees before the Lord and ask Him to examine MY heart to see if I am, in fact, allowing compromise and sin to eat away at the foundation of my walk of faith. I asked the question “Am I living just a facade on the outside that will soon collapse into ruin?”

We, each of us, have areas in our lives that are not fully surrendered to His will. Some of those things He hasn’t shown us yet (for His reasons), some of those things He is working on. BUT if some of those things we are running from, we need to “take heed lest we fall.”

May we each “Watch over (y)our heart with all diligence” so that springs of life will flow out from us!

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    • Thanks, Wendy, blessings to you!

  1. OH, so spot on! Got on my knees, too. What an image! unfortunately, i see this happening amongst genuine believers far too often, coming unravelled, because the reality on the inside doesn’t match the facade on the outside. How many of us are really living AUTHENTIC Christian lives? How many of us have become adept at “faking it?” Am I living authentically before God and others? How much do i fake it? Oh….thanks be to God that He never leaves us in an “as is” condition….but is ever ready to give us the best “make-over” we could ever have….being conformed to the image of His Son. Are we letting God clean up the ‘junk closets’ we try to keep hidden in our hearts, so we can become more like Jesus? May it be so!

    • Cathy, you are so right! I think that God tells us to “watch over our hearts” because it isn’t just a one time thing. It is something I need to be diligent to CONTINUE to do! Thanks for your, as always, insightful thoughts, dearest!

  2. Hi, Kate. Interesting, my ladies morning Bible study group has also been studying Proverbs (through a Beth Moore series called “Wising Up”.) We are on week 2 and I’m realizing more and more, we constantly need to look within our hearts to see if we’re being authentic and keeping our hearts focused on God. There are so many distractions in our daily lives, so this is a challenge on many days. What an appropriates story with the sinkholes….we literally had a sinkhole in our back yard for many years that we kept trying to fill, but it seemed to swallow all the fill dirt. I was so afraid to go back there, wondering if I’d get swallowed down, too! We finally covered it with a mound of dirt and planted a tree there. I think the roots from the tree finally kept the dirt in place. Praying your study is more and more enlightening for for you as you study His Word!

    In His Lo♥e, Ann @

    • Ann, thanks so much for your insightful response. I love Beth Moore and a study through Proverbs with her would be amazing! I appreciate your coming by and hope to get to know you better in Blog-land! ;D

  3. I loved this. I had never thought of the results of a life not fully surrendered to God this way. I pray that my heart would always be His, and always be kept in check!



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