The wedding dress is finished!

Hannah's shower cake by Dacia

Well, we picked up my daughter’s wedding dress today. I was very blessed to be able to barter for the dress and the alterations. It was such a delight and the dress is gorgeous and fits Hannah’s personality perfectly.

Lovely. Elegant. Simple yet gently adorned.

She tried it on with her shoes and jewelry for me and 2 of her sisters (sorry Elizabeth, but you were gone). Now it is hanging in what passes for my closet.

Also, her flowers came in today. A friend helped her order artificial flowers – they are very lovely.

Hard to believe that in less than a month my baby will be getting married. It seems like only yesterday:

  • when she wrote her first play (age 4) with Mary, Joseph, Jesus, Daniel and a witch
  • or was cutting up out magazine models to make more paper dolls
  • or organizing her siblings to put on another play
  • or swinging in the orange swing in our ND tree
  • or learning how to roll a ball out on the lawn as we wait for Airforce 1 and President Reagan to land at Purdue
  • or getting her glasses at age 5
  • or at 22 months was learning not to pick her baby brother up by his neck

Time has gone by much too quickly.

hannah's engagement ring

I’m so very excited for this new adventure in her life, but I also miss the baby girl God blessed me with. Now we enter new joys, new journeys with God and her sweet husband-to-be.

Thanks, Lord, for the adventure!


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    • Thanks, Monica…I teared up myself!!

  1. So lovely! Blessings as you walk into this new adventure!

    • Thanks so much, Katharine. I feel like I’m so behind on life and will be glad when (see, I’m hopeful!) I get my mind back in gear!

  2. Congratulations to mom and the happy couple! This is so exciting! I can’t wait to see pics.

    • Thanks. I’ll be sure and share them!

  3. Oh, how exciting! I know I’m going to blink and it’s going to be that time for my girls. I just want to slooooooow things down! 🙂 I have to say, I admire you tremendously for tackling Blogathon with a wedding in the wings! I’m barely making it and I’m just dealing with the normal day-to-day stuff!

    • Jen, I really have NO idea what made me say Yes to Blogathon…but I’m glad I did (as always).

  4. Kate….time goes by so fast. What an exciting time for you all! Thank you for letting us be a part of it in this little way. Have a blessed week sweet friend.

    • Thanks, sweetie! I love the friendships blogging has opened to me and the opportunities to open my life and share with all you sweet women!!


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