The soothing sound of scripture

I love my husband’s voice. It is rich, baritone and a bit scruffy. I sometimes call his office when I know he is in class JUST to hear his voice on his answering machine. It delights my soul and calms me…and frankly, it sends shivers of excitement up my spine!

For many of the early years of our marriage he was in grad school. He worked very long hours (16 or more, 7 days a week) trying to complete his dissertation. During those years I stayed home having babies and babysitting to pay for the delivery of those babies (long story for another time).

Kevin is GREAT at scripture memory. By the time we met he had committed whole books to memory. One of the things he did to help him remember scripture was to record it. This was back before the advent of the iPod or any mp3 player. He used cassette tapes. He had a pretty large stockpile of scripture tapes.

How do these random bits of information relate? In those early years (and in the years following) I was the one who used those scripture tapes Kevin made. In the wee hours of the night when I was awake with crying babies and feeling alone and sometimes anxious with Kevin gone so much, I’d put on a scripture tape and let the comforting sound of my husband’s voice reading the soothing Word of God give rest to my soul.

It ALWAYS calmed me, and generally helped me fall quickly back to sleep. I’d play it for the babies and it would help to calm them as well. As they got older and had bad dreams, I’d play those tapes for the children and they would, almost immediately, drift back to a sweet and peaceful slumber.

Of course this trained me to relax to my husband’s voice which meant that often, if he were talking to me late at night and I was in bed, I’d fall asleep to him talking to me! We had to work on that one!  😉

Do YOU and YOUR CHILDREN find comfort and peace in the sound of your husband’s voice? Does the reading of the Word relax your soul and give you rest? Maybe it’s time you found out!

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  1. I have a cd which I play called ‘healing scriptures’- and it is so soothing- and as I hear one scripture after another read- just brings calmness- there is soft music in the background. I love it!! It would be great to have my hubby’s voice reading the scripture, never thought of that!!

    • It sounds lovely, Connie!


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