singleness is a giftSingleness is a GIFT!

Over the years I’ve counseled many women who were distressed at their singleness. It seemed that no matter how old (or young) they were, they were dissatisfied with their unmarried state. Some of these women filled their time with planning events where men would be. Some of them looked at every man as if he were a prospective item on a shopping list.

I have written 2 articles that you might be interested in. One is about becoming the woman a godly man would marry and the other is from the guy’s side: becoming a man of God (but it can also be a help for what a godly woman would be seeking in a husband).

But the question remains: should we seek a spouse? 1 Cor 7:27 encourages us not to seek a spouse, if we are single. Now this doesn’t mean that we can’t desire to be married. BUT it does mean that putting our energy into finding that spouse should not be our goal. We can trust God to bring a spouse for us. After all, He went to a lot of work to create just the perfect wife for Adam. He can certainly order the circumstances in our lives to unite us with a husband.

However it works out, every woman will be single for some period in her life. How should she use that time?

It’s important to remember that these days are not just a holding pattern until LIFE finally begins. Life HAS begun! You have the opportunity to serve God with a whole and full and unfettered heart and mind. You can drop everything and minister to a friend in need at 3 am when you might not be able to with a family of your own. You can move to become part of a church plant at a moment’s notice. You can live on practically nothing while serving others. Here are some thoughts on how rich your life can be, you can be involved in:

  • ministry
  • study of the Word
  • learning homemaking skills
  • mentoring/discipling women
  • becoming financially free (if you aren’t)
  • outreach
  • care for widows
  • care for orphans
  • character development
  • education
  • job skills
  • being an entrepreneur

How about YOU? If you are single are you viewing this time as a PRECIOUS GIFT from God to devote yourself to service for the Kingdom? What things is God building in YOUR life during your gift of singleness?

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