Happy birthday to my Bekah!

A reason to rejoice, Bekah’s birthday!


Bekah as a baby

Oh, one thing I love about having a largish family is that there are SO MANY weeks during the year you get to write a birthday post!! Today, my darling middle-ish child (with 8, we have 2 middle children) Rebekah turns 23.

a little teary

She was very complacent from birth. She seldom cried, slept through the night at 2 weeks and slept 12 hour at night by 4 weeks. She was always able to play by herself (and her “walking” fingers) and was the first person the older children wanted to see when they awoke.


Bekah with her sisters at 6


Bekah at 9

She grew very intelligent but struggled with seeing things as “too hard” for her. But her younger sister would jump in and do whatever Bekah felt was too hard. She seldom disobeyed simply because it was more work to DISobey than to obey!


Bekah at 14


Bekah at 15

Bekah was our only child to have a REAL imaginary friend (when she was 3 1/2). Googey (with the vowel sound like put) but SHE said it was spelled: ABCQQO. And he was her invisible husband – so when she was needing (one of the very few times in her life) a spanking, she reponded that she couldn’t get spanked because she was “too married” and that “married people didn’t get spankings!” Nice try!!!


Bekah at 17


Bekah at 20


Bekah taking college graduation very seriously (with her dad)

The years have passed and Bekah grew into a love for reading, writing and music. Now, as a young woman looking to find her place in the world and where God is calling her, I am so delighted with who she is and how God is using her. I thank you, Lord, for allowing this treasure to enrich my life all these years ago.


Our sweet Bekah

All Scripture quotations are taken from the NASB.
Unless otherwise indicated, photos from pixaby.com

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  1. I am delighted to see you here on THANKFUL THURSDAY this week. And what a blessing our children are…and daughters…well there is just something special about them. Happy Birthday to her! ((blessings)) -Laurie

  2. My favorite story was when we’d been at our new church for about 3 weeks and Bekah’s Sunday School teacher came up to us and said she was glad Bekah’s friend had gotten better.

    Asked what friend, she responded, “I didn’t catch his name … She said something that sounded like ‘googey'”. With a sinking feeling, we realized what must have happened.

    Sure enough, it turned out, Bekah had been having the whole class pray for Googey because he was sick. Then this week, during the prayer request time, she’d said “Praise the Lord! Googey’s better!”

    The Sunday School teacher and the rest of the class had been diligently praying for the new family’s sick friend, never realizing he was just imaginary!

    It had never occurred to Bekah that her prayer request was unusual in any way.

    • Ahh yes, prayers for invisible, imaginary husbands ALWAYS welcome!!


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