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I wanted to give you all an opportunity to share the things you are thankful for. Too often we get stuck in our own little worlds and forget that we have so much to be thankful for. Even when we are dealing with numerous and serious trials, there are always things that we can thankful for in our lives. And very often, taking the time to look at the blessings we enjoy gives us a bigger picture of God in our lives.

I am thankful that He has given us His Word. It may sound trite, but to me, it is NOT. I love the Scriptures; their richness and insight into the heart of God as well as their piercing accuracy into the heart of man. I love (at least at the end, not always so if I’m walking in any rebellion) how they strip us bare only to point us to the Hope that sets us free and brings total and complete deliverance and victory in our lives.

What are  you thankful for today? If you have a blog post you’d like to link to, click on the enter button down below and follow the directions to link directly to that post (not to your blog in general). I would love to have you share my button below on your post so others can follow back to here and join in with us.


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If you do not have a blog, please don’t let that stop you!  Add your Thankful Thoughts as a comment!!

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  1. I am thankful for the remaining days I have left with my family before heading off to New Life. I’m glad I’m choosing to go, but I’m thankful that God has allowed me 2 weeks to prepare for it and to spend at home before I do. Praise the Lord! 🙂


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