Thankful Thursday

I’m thankful for my crazy family and our wild theological discussions! We’ve been spending the last 20 minutes discussing the raven and the dove in the Genesis account of Noah’s ark. Did the raven fly around for weeks until the water receded or did it fly and hang out on the ark until the water abated? Our discussion went from maybe Noah would send out an ostrich next (assuming he was working his way through the birds in the ark) to Edgar Allen Poe’s use of ravens to ravens and zombies. We are not being sacrilegious, just nonsensical.

The silliness of some of our discussions (my youngest explaining to my oldest that he wants to be a doctor and marry a lawyer so she can always keep him safe in case he gets sued) just cracks me up! I love their interesting (albeit often bizarre) jumps from one topic to another and that we find so many things funny.

That laughter is such an integral part of our lives is just a delight to me. Thanks, God for such a goofy family!

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  1. Kate…I just had visions of our families laughing having tea at ceiling level…Mary Poppins style………I love reading about your family…

    • Michele, that made me LAUGH OUT LOUD!!! And yes, I certainly CAN see us all laughing on the ceiling! I miss you guys SOO MUCH!!

  2. I always love your Thankful Thursdays, although I think you do a great job of being thankful day in and day out. You inspire me to remember my blessings. It’s so hard not to focus on what’s going wrong sometimes. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Tia, you are such a sweetie! I’m so glad we have gotten to know one another, you are a sweet gal and I love your heart!


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