Thankful Thursday

Well, the Blogathon has sort of kept my focus on posting everyday – but I really want to get back to my weekly Thankful Thursday postings. It is always good for me to sit and reflect over the blessings in my life – and they are many!

Today, I think I’d like to share about our local county health department’s dental office. The folks who work there are:

  • kind
  • efficient
  • courteous
  • helpful
  • thoughtful
  • dependable
  • hard-working

We are so blessed to be able to use their services and for the efforts they go to to make a visit to the dentist a non-stressful time.

Yes, they are plagued with bureaucracy and endless paperwork and red tape, but they do not allow that to affect their kindness to the patients and their families.

So, KUDOS to the Whiteside County Health Department’s Dental Clinic! Thanks, gals!

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