Thankful Thursday

The last 2 months I’ve enjoyed a surge of energy, mental clarity and health that I haven’t had for a number of years. Part of it has been the season of my life and the changes and swings within my body that have caused a tremendous mental fog (leading to some very funny Facebook statuses by my family) and general feeling of falling apart. Part of it has been medications whose side effects robbed me of a lot of vitality.

I feel as if I’m coming out from a very dark, very lonely tunnel. I see bursts of light and life and am able to think clearly again (well, as much as I ever was able to! 😉 )

So today’s Thankful Thursday post is for HEALTH!

Sure I still struggle with some undiagnosed issues that have been going on for 33 years, but I just ignore that. And I DID (and still do) rejoice in the trials with my health God allowed in my life. They’ve been such a teaching and stretching time and a wonderful opportunity to rest in HIS mind (even when I couldn’t find one of my own! 😉 ). But now I am delighted that I can remember things, that I can carry on a conversation, that I am able to focus on what goes on in my Sunday School class. These are great joys for me and I’m rejoicing in God’s gift of it back to my life.

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  1. Praise the Lord Kate! Now I realize that everything we go through draws a closer to His side! You know what I’m talking about! Now to focus on rejoicing in the trials instead of whining about them! I’m slow but getting there! Always thankful on the other side when I can see what God has done but learning to be thankful through the process as well! Love you sister! Kendra!

    • Honey, I love you and your dear and sweet heart. Remember, the JOY of the Lord is our strength!!

    • MacKenzie, I really enjoy your link-up…I just missed the time to join in. This coming Saturday FOR SURE!


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