Thankful Thursday

This week we have enjoyed such wonderful weather. Being able to open the windows while doing spring cleaning (just the downstairs) has been such fun. Sure it has been breezy, but a warm and lovely breezy.

I love spring! The weather between 65 and 70 is my idea of perfection. Windows open, no more coats, crisp clean air, birds singing, plants peeking through the ground, clear cloudless days.

The only thing better than spring on the prairie is spring by the sea.

Today I am thankful for the wonderful nuances of spring. The beauty, the sounds, the taste, the smell and the feel of all that is spring. I am so blessed that our God is so creative that He pictured all the various aspects of spring and chose to share them all with us.

As our spring continues to come and go, I am so grateful for this week and the way it touches my soul and brings great refreshment!

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  1. I love spring, it is my favorite season.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Denise, and enjoying spring with me – even through cyberspace! Have a blessed day.

  2. Spring is my favorite season! I’ve lived in Costa Rica for a few years now, and I always miss springtime. The closest we have is rainy season, which I still enjoy (much to the confusion of most). I can’t wait to move to Italy in a couple of weeks to enjoy a season change. Yay! Thanks for sharing. I found you through the SomeGirl’s Website linky.

    • Wow, it will be quite a change from Costa Rica to Italy…what FUN!! Thanks for coming by. I love your name and your sweet blog!


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