Tackle It Tuesday – magnetic menu board

I’ve planned to make a magnetic menu board for some time. I saw one somewhere on someone’s blog long ago and thought, “THAT is what I need!”

I looked into materials that I would need and found that magnetic primer (apparently better than magnetic paint) is $19 a quart!!! I’m too cheap to pay that much money for something and then have to do a lot of work to make it. And I really dislike painting! So I dropped the plan, although revisiting it every so often to check if prices had dropped.

Last week I went into our new Kohls (for the first time, although my girls had been in several times for some really great deals) just to look around. In the frame section I found this:

It was $29.99 but for that Saturday only it was 50% off!! Cheaper than the paint and ready made! Yippee! At the checkout, the cashier asked for other coupons (I had none) and when I told her it was my first visit, she gave me HER coupon for friends and family…another $2.99 off and it was $12.81 in all!

I found a really fun font online (called Fabulous 50s) that I downloaded and typed out all my meals and printed onto card stock. I cut them out and my 12 year old taped the small pieces of magnetic strip I cut to the back and VOILA! We have a sweet magnetic menu board!!! My son played Vanna while I tried photography (he was a better Vanna White than I was Ansel Adams).

peeling magnetic strip


sticking strip to meal card


what we have so far

I still will have a little more to do. I need to make holders for the unused meal cards and tack them to the bulletin board side. I need to make headings for breakfast, lunch and supper.

I need your ideas & suggestions. What can I use to hold the leftover meal cards? They are too thick (with magnets on the back) for regular envelopes (which are too wide for the cork board anyway). Ideas? Also, what should I use the other 2 columns for? To Do List? Appointments?

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  1. Great idea. I’m curious, did you want this for your own organization or to help your family know what is on the menu? Or maybe it’s for both? 🙂

    • Hi Liz! Both. I post my meals on my blog each week but I am always having to open it up to remember what we are eating. And I sometimes get tired of hearing, “What’s for supper?” Now I can say, “See the board!” 😉

  2. You could leave notes to yourself to remember – like a To Do list. Or a reminder for the kids?

    Now, you just have to use it. 🙂

    • I like the reminder for the kids! I still need to finish putting the magnets on the supper cards — off to Farm & Fleet for more magnets.

  3. Can you use dry erase markers on it?

    • Yes, you sure can!

  4. Sorry for being late to this party – how’s the board going so far? If you haven’t already thought of things for those columns, I would go with In/Out. Make 7 magnets for each person in your house, with a photo or their name or just a coloured dot or whatever, and then for each day, they can stick it in the relevant column whether they will be in or out for the main meal (probably evening but it might be lunch, depending on your family) so that you can cater the right amount.


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