Mighty Faith

We all long for it. We all hope to see it. We all plan for it from the time our daughters are tiny. But how can we actually make it happen?

Let me share a few thoughts that may encourage you in the process of seeing your daughter grow into a mighty woman of faith.

strengthening faith in our daughters

Step 1: Kindling Faith

It all begins in the heart and mind of God. His desire is for our daughters to grow into mighty women of faith. So the first place WE start is with GOD.

  • Are we intimately tied in to God’s love and grace?
  • Are we living lives surrendered to His will and strong in His joy?
  • Does His love motivate and guide us?

If we are not walking in the fullness of His grace and love (as much as we know how), then how can we even begin to hope that our daughters will? [Read the rest of this post…]

Today I am contributing on More To Be. Please come on over and read the rest of the post. I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences with growing the faith of your own daughters!

All Scripture quotations are taken from the NASB.
Unless otherwise indicated, photos from pixaby.com

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