Stock-up Saturday

I’m working on stocking up my pantry this spring. It is going to be built into my budget.  When an item we use goes on a really good sale, I’ll be buying as much as my “stock-up” budget allows. I’m hoping to, each Saturday, post what I found on good sale this week and bought to stock my pantry.

This week, Krogers had a 4 day sale on tuna. The cheapest I can find it is at Aldis for $.50 a can (and I don’t really their brand, but I normally get it). This sale was Chicken of the Sea in water for $.50 a can. So, I  bought 4 cases.

So, I should have enough tuna for the next 6 months!

Are there any great deals you found to stock your pantry with? Share a comment and let me know what you found.

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