Spring or winter – it’s hard to tell!

Our winter was extremely mild and seemed to end over a month ago with a beautiful balmy march. But April, when hopes of a wonderful spring died hard, has proven to be a fickle month! When I was hoping to get out into the yard for some desperately needed weeding, we’ve had cold and wind and rain and snow.

winter or spring the never ending dance of the prairies

Winter or Spring projects on the move

We were able to get 2 of our windows replaced (in the boys’ room) with the help of a dear relative. Because our home is about 140 years old (built circa 1875), windows are large and our house is nowhere near square. This means replacing windows is not something we could DIY and they are expensive because of being oversized. But to actually have glass in the window frame is a plus!

Another project I’m planning out (besides the weeding) is our front hall. I’ve tried numerous ways to use our existing set up to keep this area tidy but NOTHING has worked. So I’ve gone to Pinterest for some help! Without a closet or mud room, our coats and shoes can easily get out of control. Not to mention hats and gloves and suit coats that get left downstairs. So this week I’m going to start on this project with the HOPES that it will go far to fix our front hallway constant mess! Pictures to follow next week.

In the meantime, here is my Menu Planning Monday for this week. Just suppers for now. I’ll post what I’m cooking for the family and what I’ll be eating (if different). Please feel free to download my FREE, fully editable, Month at a Glance menu planner, my Weekly Menu Planner and my Snacks planner.

What’s YOUR menu for the week?


  • grilled chicken w/rice pilaf & salad (no rice for me – S meal)


  • pasta carbonara w/salad (grilled fish with salad for me – S meal)


  • thm wicked white chili (E meal)


  • meatloaf w/rice and veggies (no rice for me but I’ll roast some radishes – S meal)


  • homemade pizza – (on 1/2 Joseph’s Lavash bread for me – S meal)


  • omlettes (with a side of raw spinach for me – S meal)


  • leftovers/cereal (leftovers for me – S meal)
All Scripture quotations are taken from the NASB.
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