Spring cleaning: not just for inside anymore

spring cleaning outside
Well, our weather has FINALLY turned to spring! This hasn’t been a terrible winter at all. It wasn’t particularly cold. We didn’t have an abnormal amount of snow. It just kept teasing for spring only to have winter roll over, shake the covers and lie back down.

But here we are…it has been in the 40s and even 50s for the past few days and that means Spring Cleaning!

Every year we do inside spring cleaning differently, depending on my time and energy levels. Today I’m writing about spring cleaning the OUTSIDE. These are the projects we have going on this week:

  • cleaning up the yard in general (a trash bag got left outside for a couple of days in the snow and was gotten into by an animal – so we’ve been hunting down bags and papers all over the yard that got blown around)
  • cleaning out the shed and putting all winter toys/tools into the basement – our shed is very small and our space is very limited
  • raking out the flower beds, cutting down the random trees that end up growing among the lilacs and hostas
  • making 3 raised beds (two 8×4 and one 8×2) and getting them filled and ready for planting in 2 weeks
  • fill in a hole left by the rotting of an old tree root – we have a small mound of dirt in the back that we’ll use
  • clean out the gas grill and get it ready for grilling

What are the spring cleaning projects YOU have for your outside?

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  1. Oh boy… I realized after all the snow melted jut how much junk it was covering up out in the yard. Now this morning we woke up to a thin layer of fresh snow. When on when will winter finally be over!

    • Sylvia, I hear you! I THINK our snow is done, but it’s dipping down to the 30s again today, so you never know! Thanks for coming by.

  2. This is the first year that I’m really toying with not doing a garden. I just can’t seem to bring myself to try another year and have another flop! I almost think I’d be better off saving up my money and just going to a farmer’s market and purchasing veggies there. Of course, once we actually get out of 30 degree weather, I may change my mind! 😉

  3. Whew! You’ve got a busy week ahead! We aren’t doing much to our yard since we will be moving soon…but we do really need to mow!


  4. Our weather keeps flirting with spring. It’s warm for a couple of days and then BAM! Below freezing again. We have plants in the house just waiting to be put outside. Our outside spring cleaning consists of planting a few trees on the lot (next to us) that we just purchased. Planting 4 more fruit trees (YEAH!) and having someone plow up our garden. We won’t be able to actually plant in the garden for about 3 more weeks, but I am ready to begin harvesting (Wait! You plant first don’t ya? 😀 ) The front porch and front windows will be cleaned and wooden chairs put back on the front porch. The back deck needs to be painted and lawn furniture brought out.


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