Spring break means spring cleaning!

Huisvrouw met mattenklopper / Housewife with carpet-beater

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Next week is spring break. And that means spring cleaning! Well, we’ll be doing 1/2 of our spring cleaning next week and the other 1/2 on our break in April. No sense in using an entire week off to CLEAN!

I love spring cleaning. Granted, the first week of March is hardly REAL spring weather, but to get all the windows washed, the curtains washed and re-hung, the walls wiped clean of winter grime, cobwebs swept away and carpets cleaned is a real joy for me!

With a large(ish) family and most of us are in it 24 hours a day and homeschooling (which can be mess making), we are always in process in our cleaning. But during spring cleaning all the cleaning gets done at once. And I always feel like we should see those glistening stars like in the animated movies!

Our major problem is space. We have (between the 10 of us) lots of STUFF and not all that much space to put it all. I would love to have Ty Pennington or Laura from the Organizing Junkie come to my house and help me organize things better, build me some shelves, rip a few things out and in general make things fit better.

Because of my husband’s priorities I have decided there is very little I need to declutter, other than my own junk, so I need to work at organizing it better. I will, therefore, be spending some time this week praying for insight from the Lord (since I don’t think Ty or Laura will be knocking on  my door any time soon, and He’s much better than they are anyway) and hoping to implement His vision during our spring break.

If I’m brave, I’ll have pictures taken along the way and then some after pictures. IF I’m brave!

So, off to the praying and planning phase.

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  1. Happy Spring Cleaning! Here in South Africa we are changing over to Fall though it is still quite warm. Blessings!

    • Growing up we did BOTH spring and fall cleaning! My husband would certainly love your warm weather!!! Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. Thank you for your post. You’re inspiring me to get busy myself! Thank you also for stopping by Leaving A Legacy today and leaving your sweet comment. Blessings to you!

    • Well fun…we can spring clean together! In older generations, I’d go to your house and you’d come to mine. I guess this is they cyberspace version!

      I love your blog! Glad I found it.

  3. Good luck with your spring cleaning.

    • Thanks Denise…it is always such a daunting task at our house!! But I’ll be VERY glad when it is done!!

  4. Happy Spring cleaning! Here is Belize it happens before Christmas…everyone likes to repaint and get things all cleaned up before the relatives show up.

    joy and blessings to you,

    • Now that’s a great idea! But I think the weather is a bit different than in Illinois, USA! 😉

      Thanks for stopping by for a visit! Blessings to you as well.


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