Spiritual talk: where to begin?

Do you feel like you are spiritually disconnected from your children? Do you wish that you had spent the last 10 years actually DISCIPLING your children, and not just TRAINING them? Is there a difference, and how can I start?

How to talk about spiritual things with our children

Where do I begin to talk about spiritual things with my children?

In our home, talking about spiritual things is as every day as breathing. My husband and I do it all the time. And we continued to talk scripture when the children came. When they were old enough to understand, they just naturally sat in (most of the time) with us and listened. Eventually, they had questions or comments of their own to add into the fray. When we have company and end up with numerous conversations going on in different rooms, my children get frustrated because they can’t be in all the different conversations at once and don’t want to miss out on anything!

But what if you’ve never done this before? Where do you start if talking about scripture is not an easy or natural thing? Well, the simplest place to start is with what is already going on: church.

If your children go to Sunday School, then your lunch time on Sundays is a great time to get everyone sharing what they learned/talked about. What more natural opening than the topic in their Sunday School class! Spend some time discussing each different Sunday School class (including your own):

  • what you learned
  • what scripture passages were used
  • what you agreed with
  • what you disagreed with
  • what you still have questions about
  • what other topics this raises

From there, you can discuss the sermon (NOT for the purposes of having Roast Pastor, but to dig into the scriptures). With us, we often get on topics far from our original conversations, but we really look into the scriptures and open up the time for the children’s questions. We make this a place that anything is open for discussion and no question is silly!

So how about you? In what ways do YOU have spiritual talks with your children? I’d love to hear!

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  1. A very helpful post for those still raising families. I found that once you start spiritual conversations with children, their desire to continue with those conversations also grows. May this be helpful to many!

  2. Kate…We are on the same page. We have always discussed what we learned at church after service. You are right that is gets more comfortable as you do it. We also made sure to keep scripture posted throughout our house and referred to it often when teaching. I think it is about being intentional and prayerful. Thank you for sharing friend and for the link up. Have a fabulous week.


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