Hope deferred makes the heart sick, But desire fulfilled is a tree of life. Proverbs 13:12

I was thinking about this verse yesterday when we were being told of a snow storm coming through. We live in rural northwestern IL. We get lots of weather warnings of snow storms but they seldom actually hit us. With the last several storms, we were PROMISED lots of snow, only to find nothing on the ground worthy of shoveling. Once I actually went out with just a broom!!!

I am a New England gal, born and raised, and I LOVE winter! I love snow, I love walks in the snow, I love being blinded by the sun glistening brightly off the snow, I love the cold that clears your sinuses and bites you on the nose and cheeks. I love autumn’s glorious beckoning to winter with its crispy crackly whisper.

So, now you understand why every time they promise snow, my heart leaps. My adrenaline starts surging and I’m worse than a child hoping for a snow day!

But, here in northwestern IL, we are RIGHT in the place where no snow falls! Just 50 miles to the west of us, they get tons. To the north they are inundated and out east gets blanketed in snow. Us, we get — nothing. Until yesterday!

snowfall at night

The flakes started falling at 11:30 but the temperature was high enough that I felt like the flurries were a tease. But then the weather took a turn in MY direction! The temps dropped just a bit and the snow flurries turned to snow furies. The swirls whited out the houses 2 blocks away where I can normally see and, lo and behold – IT WAS STICKING!

So last night was a wonderful night of cancelled classes for my husband and beauty outside along with some shoveling. More shoveling today, as the snow continued to fall all morning, made for a lot of fun and “desire fulfilled (being) a tree of life!”

snow on fence

Happy winter to all and to all a good night! 😀

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  1. I’m glad you got your wish! It’s so beautiful and I really do love snow. I just get tired of the cold. However, I love living in a state that has the four seasons. I can’t imagine living without snow!

    • It was a struggle in NM!

  2. Ditto to your sentiments regarding winter and snow! Loved this! Wish i could be out walking with you or being silly and making snow “angels”, as i know you would do that with me! wink, wink!

    • Cathy, the next snow angel I make I’ll be thinking of you, sweetheart! 😀


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