Silver Threads is HERE!

My book, Silver Threads: Weaving Godly Wisdom Into the Lives of Younger Women is available!

Silver Threads: Weaving Godly Wisdom Into the Lives of Younger Women

My dear friends, the day I’ve been working for since September is here. But, in reality, I have been building toward this day for the past 37 years:

  • the years I’ve been discipled
  • the women I have discipled
  • the nuggets God taught me through losing my hair
  • the seasons of pain and loss and great loneliness
  • my failures much more than my successes
  • my longing for someone to come alongside of me as a needy young mom
  • a lifetime of pursuing the Lord in prayer and the Word

All of these things have worked together to birth this book. My goal in writing this is to help this current generation of women (young and old) to realize what God has planned for them and the power, strength and vitality that He desires to be in the women of the church! And for us to follow Sarah where she was praised for “not being frightened by any fear.”


All Scripture quotations are taken from the NASB.
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  1. Kate….congratulations on launching your newest book. It sounds like a great read. I am sure there is much wisdom shared. Blessings.

    • Thanks so much, Naomi! And thanks for stopping by and joining me once again!

  2. Kate, you are such an experienced writer with two books out now!! I can’t wait to read it this weekend. The cover is so pretty and inviting.

    • Well, I don’t know how experienced I am, but it IS fun to write the things that God puts on my heart!! I hope you enjoy the book.


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