Saints who influenced my life: Corrie ten Boom

When I was a very young believer, I read The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom. And I was floored! For those of you who do not know, Corrie lived in the Netherlands and during WWII her family hid Jews in their home. They were eventually betrayed and arrested (although those they hid were delivered to safety). Her father, in his 80s, died in prison but she and her sister Betsy were sent to Ravensbrück concentration camp. There her sister Betsy died but Corrie was miraculously released just days before all the women her age (mid 50s) were exterminated. She later found out it was a clerical error that enabled her release.

corrie ten boom

A message of forgiveness

As the months went by, I read all of the books that she wrote and I heard her on various radio broadcasts. I was challenged and transformed by the message of forgiveness that the Lord worked in her life. I can still remember the sounds and smells in the room I was in when I first read her account of Betsy saying to her (as she lay dying), “There is no pit so deep that He is not deeper still.”

As I continued to read the journey the Lord brought Corrie on and the message of hope and promise she proclaimed to the world, my heart soared with a renewed faith in the promises of God. A flash of His grace, bigger than I knew at that point, filled my mind and spirit. It was like a glimpse into the heart of God. And I knew that the forgiveness He gave to me was available for me to extend to those around me.

Her influence in my life came at a crucial time for me. Her message of love and forgiveness reached into my darkened heart and brought the life of HOPE and TRUTH to show me Jesus in a deeper way than I had understood. Listen to the words of one who has walked a life surrendered to the will of God and power of the Spirit to redeem.


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  1. Hi Kate! I read The Hiding Place for the first time last year and absolutely loved it – how amazing was her faith and the faith of their family! It was shocking, convicting, inspiring, and beautiful. Thank you for bringing all this back to the forefront of my mind this morning; I’d love to reread that soon and read more of her work. I hope you’re feeling better this week and thank you for hosting the link-up 🙂

    • Hi Becca! There is such reality in her story that touches every heart. I’m glad to have reminded you of it this morning. I’m doing much better, thanks for asking. Although (from my link tool mess up) my brain seems to be clouded over! 😀

      Have a great day, dear!

  2. I read The Hiding Place years ago and then reread it years later to my kids when we were reading biography’s of Heroes of the Faith as we were homeschooling. Corrie Ten Boom is such an amazing woman of God. Thanks so much for sharing this audio of her telling the forgiveness story…I had read it before but hearing it in her own voice was powerful!
    Great post!
    blessings, Gay@CaptiveHeart

    • Hi Gay! Yes, it IS so much more encouraging to hear her story from her how voice! I agree.

      Thanks for stopping by, sweetie! Have a lovely day.

    • No kidding!! She still challenges my heart. Thanks for coming by today!


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