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I have been out of touch for several months and have even taken the summer off from my weekly link-up. I have been working on my web design business and on an ecourse on How To Disciple that I taught this summer. Now I’m taking the real life course and transforming into a 12 video ecourse with a workbook and weekly overviews. When it is finished I will let you know.

I have also worked on putting together a retreat for some friends. It was a wonderful time, one that I have done this a number of times over the years. And I decided that I’d love to share one of those retreats with you.

I grew up on times of retreating. In New England there was this wonderful place up in the mountains of NH. I used to go with some of the women in my church to spend the weekend retreating with the Lord. We’d come together for prayer and worship and some teaching. But mostly we spent time in the woods in meditation and scripture and prayer. Those were some of the richest times I knew as a young believer. I really learned what a “mountain top experience” with Jesus meant!

Over the years, I’ve brought small groups of women together to do our own retreats. The Lord would lead me to a topic and would open my mind to the scripture passages to meditate on and the focus of our times of prayer and worship and discussion. I’ve probably been more blessed in the preparation than any of the women joining in with me.

Retreat: A Deeper View of Jesus

Through this, I realized that not everyone has had the opportunities to do retreats of this nature. They may have been to women’s conferences, where the focus was all on a teacher (whether famous or not) at big convention centers or simulcasts, maybe even just within their own churches. But a time to have directed personal time in the Word is not super common. With my blessing to prepare a retreat this summer, I thought I would pass on of them to you.

So, the retreat I’m sharing with you is one I did a number of years ago on a Deeper View of Jesus. I’ll be linking the pdf document in this post. This can be done individually or as a small group. It is broken down into 3 sessions (with times of prayer/praise). I pray that this will open up a new avenue of meditating on the Word, through a slightly directed focus. If you end up doing this retreat this summer, I would love to hear what God showed you through it!

May His Word fill you with a depth of longing for the fullness of Jesus that is to come, and reveal Him to you in a richer way than you’ve ever seen Him before!

Photo by Ben Dumond on Unsplash
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