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I was reminded by a very dear friend of something I posted on a message board many years ago and on my old blog back in 2006. When Kevin and I were first married we went to a marriage conference with our church’s “denomination”. It was one of the best marriage conferences I’ve ever been to in all the years of our marriage. There was one tool used in it that we have since used numerous times in our counseling (and teaching) couples on marriage issues. I am going to repost that here today.

Print out 2 copies, one to be be filled out first by you, the wife, who answers what you THINK your husband has as priorities for you. Then your husband fills it out with what his priorities really are.  You then get together and discuss.  It is a great way to open communication on how to better minister to your husband’s desires.  It is always best to know what they really are first!


Determine your husband’s priorities for you.

Rank the following in order of importance:
___A clean house
___Well prepared meals
___Time spent with your children
___Time spent with others
___An attractive wife
Other: ________________________

Define what this means to your husband.
A Clean House:
-clutter picked up
-no hair in the tub
-no toys in the driveway
-no dishes in the sink
-spotless house
-living room/kitchen clean
Well prepared meals:
-flowers and china on the table
-dessert every night
-meat and potatoes every night
-never paper plates
-never hot dogs or quiche or ?
-hot dogs on paper plates
-order out for pizza

Time spent with children:
-home education
-quiet times together
-play time
-outings: library, park, etc
-memorizing Scripture

Time spent with others:
-social time
-time to share the gospel
-getting encouraged
-making disciples
-building friendships

An attractive wife:
-attractively dressed
-happy, rejoicing
-wears makeup
-strong character

Other ________________________

*(c) 1988-1990 from Make Your Good Marriage A Great One by Paul Abbott published by Great Commission Inc.
Used by permission, all rights reserved.

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