"Shrink Your Female Fat Zones"

Well, when I saw that at the library, I wondered how Denise Austin could shrink my female fat zones in 2 complete 20 minutes workouts!!! Then it started me thinking (warning!!!).     

I know that my ‘fat zones’ have accumulated over 9 years of pregnancies with 8+ years in between each while nursing, when trying to lose weight caused a milk crisis. That is 17+ years when my fat zones have been multiplied and filled.  Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a Quick Fix – a 20 minute work-out that would, in 2 weeks, shrink those fat zones back down to "normal".      

Then I started thinking about those character flaws in my life.  Those areas where I haven’t been diligent to walk in the Spirit…those areas that have gotten lazier and fatter and less spiritually intuned as the years have passed by.  Do we ever wonder if one great quite time with the Lord will get our spiritual fat zones shrunk?  Do we spend time with God faithfully for 3 maybe 4 days and then grow discouraged when we see no changes and stop again, looking for the next "miracle" that will give us the spiritual "look" we want without any real or lasting changes that dig deep down and conform our character to the image of Christ?      

I love the analogies in scripture about buffeting our bodies and making them our slaves.  I know the struggles of buffeting my OWN body and surrendering my body to the will of God, that it is a hard and sometimes painful journey.  It is also the same with our spiritual journey.  The difference is that God promises us JOY in the journey!  Yes, it is a battle; yes, it does not give instant gratification that we so dearly crave in our culture today; and yes, we can often fall and fail.  However, even better than having a personal trainer or personal chef like Oprah does, we have our Living God and Savior and indwelling Spirit giving us all we need to WIN the battle and walk in victory. He calls us to JOY and THANKSGIVING as we are transformed to the likeness of His Son and He gives us all the grace we need to succeed!!

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