Question and Answer Day

What do you want to know for Question and Answer Day?

question and answer time!

My spiritual gift is word of wisdom. It doesn’t mean I’m a tremendously wise person. It means that when the need arises, God will often give me a specific word of wisdom to speak into someone’s heart. For me, the way my gift generally manifests is in one-on-one times.

  • I’m not a great speaker, in fact I really dislike public speaking.
  • I’m not a great bible study leader, although I love to study the scriptures.
  • I’m not great at coming up with topics on my own.

But I am gifted in helping women deal with issues they are struggling with in their lives.

God gives me wisdom to see right to the heart of an issue,
the scriptures that speak to that issue,
and insight on how to apply those scriptures to that specific need.

It works really well in my discipling/mentoring women. Many of my spiritually focused blog posts come from issues that have come up in my discipleship times; issues that touch the lives of many many women.

Since my deep desire is to build community here and to be a blessing to your lives, I thought it might be fun to have a periodic Question and Answer time. A time where I can share a question that has been asked of me at some time over the years and then the insight God has given to me to answer that question. So pull out your questions, dear readers. You can feel free to ask the questions in a comment or, for more privacy, you can email me your questions. Your names will NOT be used (nor will any personal information you share with me). I will simply use the issue brought out in the question and respond as the Lord gives me insight and wisdom through the scriptures.

Let the questioning begin!

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  1. Great idea, Kate! i emailed you a question. 🙂

    Thank you for hosting the link-up, too! Your link-up and the group that shares here is one of my favorites.

    • Thanks, Jenni. I got your question and will be responding to this very good question next week. Be watching for it!

  2. Great idea Kate….I am thinking about a question. Drawing a blank but I will think of one.

  3. Oh I’m so excited about this opportunity! I don’t know why it never occurred to me to ask you questions before, but now that you’ve opened the floor . . .

    When and how did you begin teaching your children about sexuality and what resources did you use (if any). What words of wisdom would you offer to parents of young ones in this arena? How have you kept the lines of communication open with your kids on this topic?

    What advice do you offer young moms who befriend or reach out to very new Christians or currently seeking individuals and families? I’m finding it sometimes difficult to manage the difference in parenting styles and what I choose to expose my kids to when we interact with this demographic. I believe these families need to be around us to see the light and Godly blueprint in how our household runs, but I struggle with what this sometimes brings to awareness in my kids. I’m talking media exposure, uncouth language, topic of divorce for the youngsters etc. However, there have also been some cool blessings. Help me navigate! 🙂

    Hmmm, I’m sure I’ll have more. I may come back and ask them if I think of them.


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