Proposal Anniversary!!

Kevin 6/84 when we were still just friends - I found out later, he was looking at me!

We started courting July 15, got engaged September 9 and got married on December 15 of that same year. We celebrate all of these anniversaries with great joy.

BUT we knew one another from church for about 18 months. Our church did everything together. So I got to see him:

  • with his friends
  • with his roommate
  • with the single gals in the church
  • with the older women in the church
  • with the older men in the church
  • with the elders in the church
  • with those he was discipling
  • with the children in the church
  • during times of stress
  • on church camping trips
  • while out evangelizing
  • in bible studies
  • in our open worship times (where he shared his inmost heart)
  • when he was reproved
  • when he was praised
  • when he was working

All of this before he ever knew that I was interested. I was just watching — and I fell in love. I fell in love with his heart, his passion for God and for righteousness ,and his humble heart.

And then, 27 years ago on this night, after much turmoil, he said, “I believe God wants us to get married.”

Me:”Are you asking me?”
Kevin: “Yes, yes I am.”
Me: “Then I say, ‘Yes, I will.'”

The one thing he regrets is that he didn’t have a greatly romantic proposal. But you know, I don’t.

When he proposed to me it was after 2 months of searching to see if this was what GOD wanted, not just what HE wanted. When he proposed, I knew it was based on his being convinced this was God – and that he wanted this more than anything. It was not even based on his being “in love” with me — he wasn’t even sure what that meant at the time! All he knew was he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, that we were very effective for the Kingdom together and that he was CONVINCED this was from God. For me, that made me greatly confident in God’s direction and leading for our lives.

So, Kevin, all I can say is: “Thanks for asking!”

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    • Thanks, Bonnie! We did have a wonderful day.

  1. Well now, in my mind that is “romantic” at its best! …and what a wonderful testimony indeed. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Hugs and Blessings,

    • Thanks so much, Anita!

  2. Beautiful, and I love that you celebrate the milestones.

    • Thanks, Tia!!

  3. I’m so glad Bonnie Anderson posted this on her FB wall. What a great story – it sounds so much like Tom and my story. We started dating on June 17th, were engaged on Sept. 16th and married Feb. 24th the following year. We celebrate all three as well, and this is our 33rd year together. 🙂 We love hearing how God brings other couples together.

    • Thanks Debi! Those celebrations are a testimony to God’s faithfulness and goodness, that’s for sure!

  4. What a beautiful testimony- it brought tears to my eyes!!!!! This really shows the goodness and faithfulness of God AND of the results of doing things His way. Wonderful!

    • Thanks Anjuli! Don’t you just love the way God works?? 😉


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