Preparing for the holidays

Preparing one project at a time.

preparing for the holidays by decluttering now

Years ago I followed the house and holiday plan from Organized Christmas in preparing for the holidays and it was super fun and helpful. But not all years follow the same plan for me and other years I tried only to find it onerous and stressful. Organization is definitely not easy for me. I have lots of hopeful desires but sometimes the busyness of life gets the better of me and I find myself living from day to day, barely keeping afloat.

This year, I find that (whether from my following THM eating plan or whatever) I have more energy to accomplish more things. Also, with the pending expectation of 2 of my children moving out soon, I’m finding myself looking at ways to declutter things more effectively.

I returned from my ABSOLUTELY MARVELOUS vacation with renewed vim and vigor and have gotten quite a bit of cleaning/organizing/decluttering done. So I thought the coming weeks would be a great time to continue to see if I can get the rest of the house pulled into order in preparation for the holidays! Nothing like a cleaned and ordered home to make holiday decorating and baking a happy and stress-free time – at least for me.

Preparing done and to do.

plan your projects in small bites

The temptation is to work like crazy to try to get it all done at once. This will exhaust and discourage you. Plan out the small projects you want to do as the next step. If you want to get your kitchen in order, perhaps you’ll start with just getting the dishes done. Then cleaning and arranging your counters. Finally cleaning out the cabinets, one at a time, in small bite sized steps!

My projects I’ve accomplished:

  • re-arranged the kitchen counters for better efficiency and less clutter
  • decluttered the upstairs bathroom (we need some electrical work done and it thought it was a good plan to allow the electrician space to get into the bathroom)
  • cleaned and decluttered the hallway (what IS it about dropping things at the top of the stairs when you have no where else to put them?)

Projects still to do this week:

  • declutter and organize cabinets in upstairs bathroom
  • declutter and organize kitchen cabinets (BIG job)
  • help the boys declutter and clean their bedroom (HUGE job)
  • clean out my closet and dresser (YIKES!)

As I’m continuing in my Adore Your Wardrobe Course #2 (affiliate link), I absolutely MUST clear out my clothes and get rid of what doesn’t fit or what I don’t LOVE. I procrastinated on this from Course #1, but I was able to get some new clothes on my vacation and I need to clear out the old to bring in the new. Plus I think I have about 25 years of varying sizes of clothes that I’ll NEVER wear eating away my tiny amount of storage space.


So, what are your projects planned to help make the holiday season go more smoothly for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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