Praying over our children

September must be the month of prayer in our home because last September I blogged about praying for our children! The past few decades God has been doing a lot of deep internal work in all of our lives and the past few months have given insights into things we have been praying about for over 20 years. Part of that comes from praying over our children.

praying over our children

We have always prayed over our children.

  • we’ve laid hands on them
  • we’ve anointed them with oil
  • we’ve taken seriously the responsibility God has given to us as their protectors, disciplers, and authority

We want them to know that we are here to be Aaron and Hur for them when they are weak and need someone to hold their hands up as they seek God’s victory in their lives.

When they were little I would pray with them before they went to bed and, after they were asleep, I would go back into their rooms and pray spiritual protection and cleansing in their rooms and place my hands on their tiny foreheads and would pray His protection over and around them. I prayed for their spirits to grow mighty in surrender to His Spirit. I prayed for an outpouring of His power and might in their lives that they would come to know Him young and would stay the course in victorious surrender with Him.

Do YOU pray over your children? Do they hear you pray for them? Are you training them in prayer by your example in their lives? Do they hear your praise for their lives and rejoice in the depth and joy they’ve brought to your family and lives? Take time tonight and do it!

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  1. Hi Kate! Nice to meet you- and I am right after you at Darlene’s link up! I actually lead a Moms In Prayer group, partnering with other moms to pray, as well as pray on my own for my Girl! Your book about feeding the family looks like something I should check out! I am domestically challenged….and working on it! In His Grace, Dawn

    • Hi Dawn So glad you stopped by. And what a joy for you to be leading other Moms in praying for their children, HOORAY!!

  2. This is something we’ve always tried to do regularly as a family. Good thoughts today, Kate!

    • Terri, always a delight to have you stop by. Your blog post was GREAT with all the things you pray for your children. Love you, girl!!

  3. Praying over our children is so necessary and I realize it the older they get. The need won’t go away although they grow into adulthood. That is for sure!!

    I appreciate the InLinkz new method of linking up and find it so easy to use one-handed with a baby who just wants to sit awhile in my lap. It just does the whole thing for me once I paste the link and then just takes a few clicks and takes me right back instead of having to relocate the blog. Fantastic!! I am sure all the mama’s are loving it!!

    • Judith you are so right – like Job who prayed and fasted for his adult children, our need to pray for and over our children NEVER stops!! I’m so glad the inlinkz method is easier!! I’m all for easy!! 😀

  4. Hi Kate! Great reminder. We have always prayed for our children and recently I will go into their bedrooms periodically, placing my hands on their bed, and pray for specific issues. I feel this gives me focus in thinking through the prayers.
    Thank you for your wisdom.

    • Hi Janice! I love hearing stories of parents who have dedicated themselves to praying for and over their children. Praise the Lord!

  5. Thanks for the post. As you know the Lord has laid heavy upon me the importance of prayer. I do pray over my children while they sleep but I’ve been trying to be purposeful in praying with them when they come to me with a concernn in hopes to develop a habit in them of going to the Lord when in need.

    • Amen and amen, Heidi!! Teaching them that prayer should be as natural to us as breathing is WONDERFUL DISCIPLESHIP!! Love it.

  6. Thank you for this reminder Kate. :o) Blessings!

    • You are welcome, Tara! Thanks for stopping by today.


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