Post-from-the-past Friday: Grounded

A post from April 2006

“Mom! It’s not fun to be grounded from everything! It’s taking a really long time!”

When you are 4 and are experiencing some discipline, it isn’t always easy to cope and time seems to lag and lag and lag. My young son is learning that the momentary pleasure of “doing his own thing” isn’t worth the price to be paid. This is such a valuable lesson, and one that I pray will follow him throughout his life.

How often do we look at some temptation before us and think,

  • “Oh, it’s just one cookie (or cake!)”
  • “Oh, just 10 more minutes”
  • “No one will know if I just watch this raunchy movie”
  • “Who will get hurt if I check out this X-rated website?”
  • “What my parents don’t know won’t hurt them!”

The problem with each of these things is someone WILL be hurt!! And that someone is US. Of course if we are believers in Christ, the eternal price for our sin was paid for on the cross.

But with each sin we give in to (whether it is immorality or gluttony or plain old crankiness) WE are injured. Our relationship with the Lord is broken because we, like Adam and Eve in the Garden and Cain after he killed his brother, hide from the face of God in our shame. Our relationship with others is damaged as we hurt them with our dishonesty, betrayal, harsh words or lack of self control. Sometimes these human relationships can be repaired, but sometimes the damage goes too deeply for the other person and we have ruined something/someone for the remainder of our lifetime.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have learned this lesson fully at the age of 4? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if those times of painful discipline in our youth would have touched our hearts so deeply as to keep us from sin for the rest of our natural lives? BUT the greater joy for us is the understanding that grace is made available to bring ashes out of the charred remains of our lives. To know that God doesn’t just say, “OK” but that He makes the restoration complete in our lives to transform us more fully to the image of His Son.

Of course it isn’t good that we sin (that paint on the carpet in the boy’s bedroom isn’t prettier than the non-painted carpet was ;)) BUT He makes us better after our repentance than we were before our sin occurred! My 4 year old now knows a better lesson about self-control than he did before the paint episode – and he is more mature for this!

I don’t understand all the ins and outs of grace, but I am certainly grateful for His gift of grace in my life!!

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