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For a while I think I’ll be sharing posts that I wrote a long time ago. Most of you have never gone back to read all 500+ of my previous posts. So on Fridays (for a while, at least) I will look for some of my favorites and post them again. These will be the ones that God really taught me through and I can share them with you.

This week’s post comes from April 2005.

Radical Faith: What Does It Mean?

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I’ve been thinking about the term radical faith recently as I’ve been reading to my children about George Muller. In case some of you don’t know who he was, this man lived during the early 1800’s in Europe and spent much of his life helping orphans. The main thrust of his life and ministry was his absolute conviction, first, to never take a salary for his ministry and second, to never tell his needs to another human. He lived his life growing in trust in the faithfulness of God to supply ALL his needs.

Now to some today, he would not look radical, he would look ridiculous! But God desires such ridiculousness from His children! One example of his life of faith was when George had the children pray at the breakfast table and thank God for the food when there was NOTHING on the table or in the orphanage to eat; immediately someone knocked on the door saying they were driving a bread truck that had broken down out front and could they take the bread so it wouldn’t spoil! God provided AFTER they thanked Him in faith for His provision.

His faith was set solely on trusting God for everything he needed in his life. How much do we trust? Are we radical in our faith? Are we willing to look ridiculous to everyone else around us and place our entire faith in God? Or do we rather play it “safe” and not attempt to walk out on a branch that MIGHT break, clinging to the trunk for security? Someone once told me that faith was walking so far out on the branch that, if it broke, the only thing we could rest in was that God alone would catch us.

What about our faith? I’ve been examining my own life and, unfortunately I come up so lacking. In my flesh I want to live a “safe” life. I want to have the comforts that I think provide me with security. But I have been asking myself, “Would I be willing to give it all up…to sell every possession I have if God called me to, so that I can follow Him with a whole heart and in total surrender?” That is my desire. I pray that the Lord would teach me more fully how to walk that radical faith in my everyday, sometimes mundane, life. It doesn’t mean I have to “sell it all”, but it does mean I have to live looking to God alone for my security. My hope cannot be in a paycheck for security (in these times, no job is really secure) or in money in the bank or in the nice possessions I might have.

How about you? Where is your faith? Have you ever examined your faith to see if it could be characterized as “radical”? Maybe it’s time.

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  1. Thank you for reposting this- this is really a great, thought provoking post. George Muller’s life has been a testimony to me- and one which my husband and I have asked God to help us (at least in part) follow- God has indeed been faithful, as He has always promised to be!!

  2. Hi Kate, Thank you so stopping by my blog and your sweet comment, I appreciate it. I can’t wait to get to know you; I will be following you. I love homeschooling(both my grown daughters homeschool)and I love large families. Although we only had two daughters, both daughters now have bigger families-one has 5 blessings ages 11-2, the other daughter has four blessings-ages 6-2 and another one on the way. They both choose a simple life, one has land and they raise their own veges and we all have a cow(beef)together. I can’t wait to learn about your family.
    Blessings, Noreen

    • Thanks, Noreen, for coming by. How sweet that you get to enjoy so many grandchildren through your two gifts from God!! Looking forward to following your blog as well.

      Have a wonderful week-end!

  3. When I think of radical faith I think of Paul and how he became so radical after his transformation. I think of people like Martin Luther and A.W. Tozer who was radical for the gospel. You know we should be just if not more so radical for Jesus. We can be radical about anything else in life we want to be.


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