Pondering Chores

I’ve been pondering that old poem about Monday being wash day, Tuesday being ironing day, Wednesday being mending day, Thursday being cleaning day, Friday being shopping day, Saturday being baking day and Sunday being the Lord’s day.  I like having a designated day for getting a huge chunk of household tasks done on one day, although I confess that I seldom iron and never mend.  But I’m hoping to come up with a pithy saying (like that old one) that helps me organize my household tasks in a way that fits with modern day needs for a homeschooling family.So, if anyone has ideas, please post them here!!  In the meantime, I’ll be thinking about it and hopefully in another week or so, I’ll have my new goals for the coming year (I think in terms of academic years!) laid out to help me be more efficient in my tasks at hand.

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