Overwhelmed by the power of the Lion of Judah!

Today is Easter Sunday.


Lion of Judah - Easter


For a large part of the world that doesn’t mean much. But for me, today is the celebration of the resurrection of my Lord!

  • It’s not a day for pretty dresses and hats.
  • It’s not a day for baskets of candy and toys.
  • It’s not a day for egg  hunts.
  • It’s not a day for family gatherings. 

Today is the day that Satan lost.

He thought he had it all sewed up. Jesus had DIED. Through Jesus’ earthly enemies, the eternal enemy brought mocking and horrific pain and suffering. He hadn’t read the book, he didn’t know the ending.

Jesus BURST out from the bonds of death and gained victory FOREVER for any who would trust in Him. The power of death was overcome on that miraculous day 2000  years ago. He forever changed the world and purchased redemption over sin.

So, when you are celebrating today with family, friends and food, remember the One for whom this day is all about. Let His Spirit touch your heart to surrender your life into those nail-scarred hands that open wide to receive  your life and love.

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Just thinking about it, I get overwhelmed and filled with tears. Thank you, Jesus. I have no other words — nothing is good enough to speak the joy and gratitude in my heart. I lay my life at Your feet and humbly bow to You.

Today is the day of victory for the Lion of Judah!

Remember today — the resurrection of the Lord of Lords and King of Kings.


All Scripture quotations are taken from the NASB.
Unless otherwise indicated, photos from pixaby.com
(image courtesy of: blacksupreme/photobucket)



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  1. AMEN SIS AMEN!!!!!!!!!!! You know many Christians themselves don’t believe what you wrote but I sure do believe it and thank you for taking a stand for it…GOD BLESS YOU

    • Thanks Desiray!