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Hlade’s Law: If you have a difficult task, give it to lazy person — they will find an easier way to do it.

Those who know me know that I am NOT an organized person and, in my flesh, I’m a very lazy person. I spent 4 months in bed with a slipped disc in college and was as happy as a clam! But I have a family to care for and a home to keep and this requires work and some semblance of order. So I have learned some things in my disorganized life. I have lived with some very orderly, organized women over the years and I have learned from them. I love watching women who are organized and often wish it were natural for me. But chaos tends to sprout around me, wherever I am.


This past semester (with a husband who teaches college, our home tends to run on the semester system) I found one area of disorganization that was driving me CRAZY! Suppers.

Morning prep help make suppers easier

This past fall we dealt with some car issues and for quite awhile I was driving our working children to and from work. And because several had part time jobs, it ended up being a lot of driving, and often right around the supper hour. Too often my supper plans ran amok. I would do my Virtual Assistant work afternoons when school was finished. This would morph into browsing blogs and pretty soon, I’d have to run out the door to pick up children! And supper plans got tossed out the window.

My goal for this semester is a simple one and one I’ve used for years. Begin right after breakfast! Now, I don’t need start making spaghetti at 8 am, but I DO need to look at my Menu for the day and begin to plan the prep time I’ll need so that we can have supper at supper time (rather than at 9 pm or just having cereal).

Menu Planning break

My dear friend Beth Cranford from Eat More/Spend Less shared a great post on meal planning (please check out both of her blogs — they are GREAT! And DO subscribe at Eat More/Spend Less and get her 2 GREAT ebooks for free!!) I used to follow this tip years ago but I am re-instituting it this winter. She recommends making just 1 monthly menu for winter and repeating it each month. If you don’t duplicate your meals, it won’t feel like you are just serving the same thing over and over again. We have pasta twice a week and pizza once a week, so those suppers are duplicated, but the remainder of my meals are different each month.

I also bought a gift for myself this Christmas: Slow Cooker Revolution. I had read through 60 recipes while at Barnes & Noble as my family shopped and I was gripped! So I am trying 1 recipe each week this winter!

My organizational tips:

  • menu plan once a month (download my planner to help you out)
  • start your mental plans for supper right after breakfast!

Here is my Menu Planning Monday for this month. Please feel free to download my FREE, fully editable, Month at a Glance menu planner, my Weekly Menu Planner and my new Snacks planner.

Jan menu for the disorganized

cut it out

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