Organizing or disorganizing, THAT is the question

Well, I’m afraid I am very far behind on Organized Junkie’s 52 weeks of organizing challenge! But I believe that ANY amount of organizing will help, so if I only get 1/4 of them done, I’m 1/4 better off than if I hadn’t done any organizing at all!

How’s THAT for waffling??

In the past I’ve gotten the boy’s closet shelves organized (mostly by paying one of my  younger boys with the opportunity to go to Lazer Tag for my 16 year old’s birthday party). And we did a mini-cleaning in the basement. With very little light down there and not many places to shuffle things around, a winter mini-cleaning is more than I hoped for.

Last week I began re-caulk the upstairs bathroom’s sinks and tub. But since we have only one bathroom with a shower, I had to pick my time well. I got one sink done (since it has to cure without water on it for 36 hours, I was only able to get one done at a time). Today I did the floor around the tub.

Peeling off the old gucky caulk, I had to reapply the cauk in stages. There is a larger space between the linoleum and tub base than I’d like to see, so I had to apply one bead (I had to go look up what the proper word was, lip wasn’t right and bunch didn’t work either) of caulk and then apply another overlapping bead of caulk.  Now I am letting that dry and hopefully it will not peel off and will keep the whole space filled.

One more sink to go and then I can cross this project off my list!  And THAT’S where my organization comes in. Cleaning off my Project Do List!!

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