Organization: fact or fancy?

I have come to the conclusion that there are 2 kinds of homemakers: those who are born with bins and color coordinated tags in their hands and … the rest of us. In my flesh I’m a slob, and a slothful slob at that. BUT this is not where God wants to keep me.


Laundry Before
Part of growing in our journey with God is to realize that order is HIS plan and that it is a beautiful thing. Now, it is not the ONLY thing, or even the MAIN thing, but having a good dose of “Martha” is part of God’s character training for us. We are not to make orderliness or organization an idol (and for some it CAN be), but neither should we boast in our “Free Spirit” or “Flexibility” to excuse our laziness and disorder. Balance and priorities. Always where God calls us as we walk with Him.

Over the years I have learned a great deal and grown a lot. I definitely still have a long way to go, organization will probably never be second nature to me, but I can now get the whole house pulled together with about 20 minutes work from all of us. THAT in itself is a victory. (Especially considering there are 10 of us, and most of us are here all day long!)



Somethings I’ve learned along the way:

  • having a place for everything is FREEING in the long run
  • it is easy to surface tidy when the “deep down” is truly cleaned
  • a few daily chores that take 10 minutes can keep a house from falling apart
  • a 15 minute Quick Tidy in a problem area goes a long way to getting that area under control
  • doing a daily 15 minute Quick Tidy on a different area can have significant and lasting affects in the overall cleanliness of a house
  • White Tornado cleaning (where everyone works as fast as they can to clean as much as they can) can be lots of fun and yield a great blessing
  • regular daily chores for the children help train them on what is COMPLETELY done versus what is just partially done (and partially done isn’t done at all)

No matter what slobs say (and I’ve said it all), it DOES make a difference if the house is clean and tidy. Everyone of us breathe easier and enjoy things more when our home is tidy and in order.

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