Once again, time is flying by me!!

Oh my goodness! Who would have thought that it has been so long since I’ve blogged. I am not sure if that means that my life is so boring that nothing has happened, or that I’ve been so caught up with the busyness of life that I’ve forgotten my little blog!

In either case, here I am today…no promises of faithful blogging to come, no apologies for missed blogging opportunities. Just here I am today.

I’ve been contemplating revival – what is it, does God desire it, should we be praying for it, how extensive/worldwide must it be for it to be “real”? Not that I have many (or even any) answers, just that I’ve been thinking about it.

One thing I’ve come to understand is that revival comes from God to us and not from us to God. Sometimes I think that we misunderstand this point. Sometimes I think WE think that if we pray hard enough, search our hearts hard enough and just DO enough that revival will come. There is a fine line between walking in obedience and walking in the Spirit. Sometimes I wonder if we forget about our need for the power of the Spirit in our lives and think it is all about US. Now, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t obey because I absolutely believe we must. But I also know that it is only by the renewing power of the Spirit that I even have the ability to obey. It all comes back to the new nature that Jesus gave to me at my salvation. By His love, mercy and grace He gave me a nature that DESIRES to obey, DESIRES to walk in unity with Him and DESIRES to be transformed into His image.

I’m afraid that I’m rambling, and rather incoherently at that. I would love to hear your thoughts on revival – but more importantly, I would love to see the scriptures you’ve seen that speak to this.

I desire that my life, my family, our church, our community and state and country and world all come under the authority of the Living Lord. I desire that we all surrender to Him in joy and love and that we seek the heavenly things of eternity rather than the temporal things of this world. To see us all (starting with ME) walking in total surrender to His glorious will would be an awesome and wondrous thing! I’m just not sure that it is MINE to do. And if I surrender my whole heart to Him and fill my heart and mind with His goodness and grace, is that enough to spark revival?

Still pondering and wondering and longing.

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