On the road again…

hammock vacation

I’ve had a lovely break. I stepped out of most outside responsibilities that I could and rested and did projects. I didn’t accomplish as much as I would have liked but it was a beginning. The number 1 thing that I wanted to happen didn’t. I didn’t get my several days of extended time with the Lord. I think that my body needed more sleep than I realized and I ended up sleeping in later than expected the first week.

  • I got some work done in my front hallway organization project (pictures of the progress to follow).
  • I got some planning and prep done for a very small garden spot.
  • I got summer school planned and prepped through June.
  • I got some major work done on a site upgrade for a new client.
  • I got lots of reading done… just fun reading.
  • I got some hang time in.

My house is a disaster right now with the front hallway torn up but I don’t even care! This coming week it should be back to rights and the result will be a better organization and, hopefully, better possibility for staying organized.

Children have come and gone. 2 boys back from Haiti, one daughter off to Arkansas and one of the first boys back out to Honduras. But they are all old enough to take care of all the prep for this, all I had to do was drive them to their departure destination.

Unfortunately, I also didn’t exercise ONE LITTLE TAPP. This needs to resume in the morning. Can you tell this is a ramble of thoughts over my little mini vacation?

But I’ve been listening to the Lord and been spurred on through His Word and have some things to share in the coming days. We had a great sermon today that will show up in my Sermon Snippets on Wednesday. I hope you come back this week to check out what I’ve been learning!


Taking the lazy man’s out, I am planning to NOT reinvent the wheel for my menu. I’m going to borrow someone else’s menu plan this week. I’ve been getting stuck in my rut and thought this would be a fun fresh way to bring variety in my THM meals.

All Scripture quotations are taken from the NASB.

Unless otherwise indicated, photos from pixaby.com


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  1. I felt rested just looking at your picture!

    • I know, right?!?


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