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Adore Your Wardrobe Challenge

Many of you know that I absolutely ADORE the Adore Your Wardrobe course. It has completely changed how I view my clothes and given me real confidence to dress in a flattering way for my body type. Kelly’s excellent teaching videos and her fantastic team work in great combination to train us how to examine our outfits according to the science of fashion and style to look fabulous.

Adore Your Wardrobe’s first ever FREE challenge.

If you missed the January course but were really wanting to jump into her next one, mark your calendars for March. HOWEVER, she is doing something special (Kelly is always doing something special) before the March registration. She is opening up a FREE challenge to those who might be interested but still unsure about if the course is going to be valuable enough for you.

Introducing “From Frustrating to Functional” 14-Day Closet Challenge. In this mini-course you will get 4 video lessons along with worksheets. They include:

– Lesson #1 has students conduct a lifestyle audit.
– Lesson #2 has students conduct a wardrobe audit.
– Lesson #3 has students compare the audits and see where their closet may be out of sync, as well as describe the top two reasons for closet frustration (buying clothes for a fantasy life and not loving the clothes you own).
– Lesson #4 helps them purge and organize their current closet, make a wardrobe plan using items in their closet, and finally make a plan for purchases going forward.

Registration for the challenge begins Feb 24 and the challenge itself runs from March 3 through March 17. This will give you just enough time to register for the March course, registration is open from March 12 through March 21.

I’ll keep you informed when the registration for both the 14 Day Challenge AND the March course open and will give you links to both of them.

Give yourself a wardrobe makeover and get ready to look fabulous this spring!

My Menu

Here’s my menu for the week, plus please feel free to download my FREE, fully editable, Month at a Glance menu planner, my Weekly Menu Planner and my new Snacks planner.

Monday: Joseph’s FP lavash pizza w/side salad (FP cookbook pg 215)
Tuesday: deep S style salad w/boiled eggs (S cookbook pg 189)
Wednesday: Wonder Wraps stuffed w/chicken and veggies (S cookbook pg 204)
Thursday: creamless creamy chicken (FP cookbook pg 78)
Friday: deep S style salad w/fish (S)
Saturday: crispy salmon w/broccoli (S book pg 283)
Sunday: succulent citrus fish bake (E book pg 286)

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